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Machining centres as a full-service package.

You can always rely on a HERMLE machining centre. But it is the way of things that even the best of machines may develop a defect after a long period of operation – or simply some question arises. In such cases you will find out yet again how good your decision in favour of a HERMLE machine was! Whether help comes in the form of remote maintenance, a personal visit to your company somewhere in the world or via hotline: We do everything that is needed to make sure that your machining centre is working hard for you again as soon as possible!

7 reasons

for a HERMLE

Service competence

HERMLE machining centres have a good reputation throughout the globe – and so does the excellent service that goes with them. We do a lot to ensure that, such as drafting intelligent, condition-dependent maintenance plans and making sure that spare parts are available also for older machine models.


The HERMLE user college imparts practical knowledge concerning the perfect operation of our machining centres. The courses offered include a wide range of CNC training courses and technical training courses. Training courses are held at our head office in Gosheim, in Kassel-Lohfelden – and, if required, also on site at the customer’s. To the user college.


+49 (0)7426 95-3723

Telephone hotline / spare parts
Monday–Friday: 06.00h–20.00h (CET)
Saturdays: 07.00h–13.00h (CET)
Fax: +49 (0)7426 95-2509
Email: (attachments max. 10 MB)


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Many service issues can be resolved quickly and easily via remote maintenance. You log in – and experienced HERMLE service technicians can already get the information they need about the machine's condition. Even from a distance, we can implement efficient measurement and diagnostic techniques.


Our highest priority is to ensure that the machine availability is as close to 100% as possible. If a query cannot be resolved via hotline or remote maintenance, we come in person as quickly as we can. To this end, highly qualified service technicians are stationed throughout the world. There are practically no mechanical or electronic problems that they cannot solve on site.


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Benjamin Schuh


"For many companies in the metalworking industry, service will more and more become a decisive factor in matters of investment. Absolutely understandable! The production cycles are not getting shorter. So when something goes wrong, help must be available immediately, not just in two weeks time. We know this at HERMLE. And you will come to value it! I shall be pleased to explain personally just how and why our service makes the difference."

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